What noise make your thoughts?

31 May 2016

Now that I am back from New York people ask: What was best?
Of course the list is long and it’s not an easy question. But one of the moments that gave me big insight was the yoga session I joined with my friends.

What made this yoga special was the ambience: The studio was in a basement on Park Ave and 116 Street. The AC was not working so we had the door open. Subway, cars and people passed by on that Saturday morning. First it felt like such a paradox – here we are, ready to relax and now there is all that outside noise. But soon I realized that the yoga worked very well anyway.

Life can be quite noisy at times, that’s why I invite you to join todays TruthCircle and take a moment to relax and reflect with me. A gentle invitation to quiet your mind.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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