Anna Caroline Türk

New Leadership Coach · Corporate Culture Creator

I am here to change leadership. I help organizations and individuals to create a judgment free zone where they can unleash their full potential to get actual results.
Through my consulting and participatory meeting designs I support my clients to cultivate new ways of communication and collaboration – nurturing mutual trust, creativity and shared responsibility.
Since more than 10 years I facilitate change processes with large groups ranging from 20-800 people in Europe, Ethiopia, and the USA. Beyond that I am specialized to bring this way of working to online meetings.

Among my clients are
Dropbox, Etsy, Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs, Soundcloud, Wikimedia, WiSE – Women in Self Employment.

Coincidences that made me found TruthCircles
  • I am a community person

    We always had guests at our house.The best way to learn respectful dialogue from a young age.

  • I facilitated my first Open Space in the Vagarash mountains in Rumania

    We were a group of young people from two countries. The topic was "Let's create the holidays of our dreams!" It marks the beginning of my lifelong learning journey.

  • I never had a TV

    Imagine how many hours I have had extra ... time by myself, in nature, with friends. But I know litte when it comes to Pop-Culture.

  • Secret Police of East Germany (Stasi) call my mother and I "sloppy"

    Far from from the truth. My mother was a total hipster – but not aligned with the regime. My learning: don’t take everybody’s feedback as fact.

  • Cooking is my meditation

    During my studies I worked as a chef in London. Cooking is still my No. 1 hobby - it's quite similar to facilitation – it's both about beauty, combining ingredients and a smooth digestion.

  • Nature is my teacher

    Before and after university I spent several month on ecological farms in France. These pauses became my personal TruthCircles. Being by myself in nature helps me to take important decisions & follow through.

  • The fall of the Berlin wall

    I was seven when the Berlin wall came down. What a privilege! Freedom and equality starts in the mind of people. That's why I care about creating judegment free zones.

  • Open Space with Imams and Rabbis

    A conference where in the day people argued and danced to music together at night - the memory of rabbis and imams in traditional cloth dancing together inspires me till this day and strengths my belive in Peace.

  • I come from a great patchwork family

    I have 3 half-sisters, 2 bonus brothers, a bonus father and bonus mother, three grandmothers, and grandfathers. And the best is all of them respect each other. The best training to embrace diversity from a very young age.

  • One of my most precious Open Space was with the Sami people in Russia

    We had travelled 3 days to get to Murmansk, which is more North than the Polar Circle. The sun was shining till 2 o’clock at night. Open Space has the principle: it starts when the time is right. A principle our participants understood much better than me and my team.

  • Taking my Genuine Contact™ Training

    I was determined to go to the US and take the Train the Trainer, but I lacked another 1000 €. So I kick started a fundraising - the term did not exist yet - and searched for 100 people who gifted me 10 €. In the end it took only 52 to get the missing 1000 €. I feel grateful till this day!

  • Getting sued for publishing uncensored anonymous feedback of students about teacher

    Because of this episode I have learned to choose wisely when to ask for anonymous feedback. Today prefer open conversation rather then anonymous surveys.

  • One night as a child I could not sleep until all my dolls and pets where lying around me in a big Circle

    I always wonder if this was my first initiation to hold TruthCircles.

  • In my 11th grade all class representatives were invited to an Open Space to strategize our work

    I only realized years later - what seed got sowed on that beautiful weekend. Be prepared to be surprised!

  • Sociological Room of Women in Europe in the 12th century

    I wrote my Masters and focused on the fact that space is not only a geographic category but also a social – created through social norms, believes and behavior. By taking action you widen your space… so to speak.

  • I have a daily Buddhist practice

    A practice that reminds me that change starts with myself again and again, because my thoughts and emotions impact my talk and behavior. Therefore it’s imperative to choose my thoughts consciously.

An official bio 

Anna Caroline Türk is on a mission to change how people communicate and collaborate in the workplace . In today’s pressure cooker work environment traditional management styles and the typical meeting culture no longer work. As a consequence, people and profits suffer and the purpose gets lost.
Anna Caroline holds a vision of the workplace in which communication is joyful, relaxed and supportive. Collaboration is used as the key to partner with all team members and stakeholders to achieve sustainable success in the marketplace.
Conflict is understood as a passionate, innovative fuel to create new solutions and renewed enthusiasm for the mission of the company. Culture is experienced as a heightened environment of productivity, authenticity and integrity that brings out the best in people, not the worst.
This is what her TruthCircles™ approach is all about. Anna Caroline beliefs that these new concepts can be easily learned and applied. All it takes is an understanding of the New Paradigm Leadership principles and a steady practice, not another hip manager gadget leading to a pseudo alternative culture.
Anna Caroline is a leadership catalyst in her own right. As mentor to visionary leaders , she has worked with companies such as Dropbox, Etsy, Soundcloud and Wikipedia, facilitating groups up to 800 people.
Participants describe her group facilitation as a grounding, centering and calming experience that catapults the entire team constellation into a coherence and solution-orientated creation space.
During her TruthCircles facilitation , Anna assists the group to get to the core of any conflict or challenge and shows them new ways to resolve it. With her surprising ease and relaxed approach, that she combines with razor-sharp vision and disarming humor, she empowers the group to move forward with a concrete action plan.
Her conflict resolution skills have been tested in the most challenging environments: 100 imams and 100 rabbis talking about peace, neighbours and politicians debating about the placement of a refugee home and with bitterly divided teams. She knows first hand how to dissolve toxic group behavior and engrained communication patterns. Under her guidance people realize that no matter what side of the table they sit on, they are working towards the same purpose and are not opponents or enemies.
Having grown up in East Berlin during the cold war , Anna Caroline witnessed as a young girl both the power of the people and misuse of power. She decided back then that she was never going to take freedom for granted.
Since the early of 17 Anna Caroline set out to apprentice with the world renowned mentors in Open Space Technology , Genuine Contact™ Program , and Future Search . 30 years later, these highly advanced collaboration technologies are starting to become slowly but surely more recognized amongst forward thinking organizations.
For 7 years she served as the global Program Director of the Genuine Contact Program. Her influence in this global movement has been instrumental.
Anna Caroline holds a M.A. in History from The Berlin Humboldt University and University College of London. She is the founder of TruthCircles, a consulting firm that is dedicated to educate and empower organizations, their teams and leaders. When she’s not mentoring and speaking, she enjoys meditating and cooking seasonal food for her friends in her darling Berlin apartment.

References upon request.

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