Whole Person Process Facilitation July 2024 in Berlin

“So much more is accomplished when people are allowed to come together in meetings as whole persons”
Birgitt Williams, Co-Founder of the Genuine Contact program

Whole Person Process Facilitation is a highly dynamic, participative meeting methodology that works online and in person. In these meetings energy, ideas and discussions are transformed into constructive action. Participants embrace responsibility and leadership around the topic at hand – a product, concept, question or strategy. Team members become increasingly more engaged, creative and open, which is especially needed in online environments. Long term use of this method leads to resilience among people in dealing with the dynamics of change from both within and outside organizations. 

In this 3 day training you will learn how to use meetings as a seriously effective way to utilize all of the human capacity in an organization. You will discover not only how to prepare, run and follow up on meetings in a new way, but will also learn to build your own capacity to run a WPPF meeting. After the training you will have access to a peer-to-peer mentoring circle for ongoing learning.

Participants of WPPF meetings have described them as “efficient, effective and highly productive”; “stimulating maximum participation”; “generating high levels of creativity”;“enabling teams and leadership to emerge”; “facilitating communication and learning”; “improving staff morale”.

WPPF can help you make meetings really deliver, through embracing the wisdom, capacities, talents and diversities of a group. Whether meeting in person or online, this methodology works effectively in meetings with one or one hundred people. WPPF is a module of the Genuine Contact™ Program which develops a culture for extraordinary leadership as the path for organizational success.

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There are price options depending on the type of organization you work for.

€ 1400,00 – Employed (corporate/public)
€ 1200,00 Self-Employed | Small NGO

 All prices are exclusive 19% VAT. 

10% Discounts:
Earlybird before May 18th
team of 3 or more 
Member of the Genuine Contact Organization (Friends, Partners, Ambassadors)

Discounts cannot be combined.

Ev. Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gemeinde
Sondershauser Straße 50
12249 Berlin (Lankwitz)

Accommodation during the training is self-organized.

The language of the workshop will be English however German can also be used.

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Whole Person Process Facilitation
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