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19 September 2017


I am back from my break – I was more or less offline for the last 6 weeks – what a treat!

I did not create any TruthCircle Podcast nor newsletter – maybe you noticed.

I took a timeout in order to truly understand if I want to continue with my TruthCircle Podcast or if I was only doing it out of a stubborn commitment. (Back in January 2016 I had decided to produce a TruthCircle Newsletter and Podcast once a week for two years).

Inspired by Michael Singer’s book Surrender Experiment I decide to stop everything and surrender. Surrender to life, where it was taking me and what it had to say to me. I decided to do lots of things I have not done in a long time and basically act more out of intuition than out of reason. It was quite a stretch to my inner perfectionist and the part of me that always needs to know and control the outcome. Here I was surrendering to life – not knowing how I would come out at the other end.

To be quite honest, it was not always easy to truly surrender, but I can definitely feel how I grew from the experience. A small example is that I smiled and waved a peace sign when I was screamed at in traffic. A bigger experience was when I surrendered to my loneliness on a Friday night and already in bed I received a message that friends, who had never called me before, where on a birthday party in the house I am living in. They invited me to join and we ended up going out till 5 am in the morning – we had a blast!

Listen to my TruthCircle Podcast and hear what I discovered and what my future plans are – including a free leadership training for you – starting today.

Now that my surrender experiment is over I am so excited to explore more leadership principles. And I invite you to come along. This week I am dedicating to the admonition from Open Space Technology, a large group facilitation method, that I use in my work as a facilitator. The admonition is:

Be prepared to be surprised!

The invitation is clear: What will I do if I stop assuming to know what is happening next? Even in moments where I feel sure about what is happening next, because I have seen it 100 times before. This weeks invitation is to breath into each moment and to allow ourselves to get surprised by life, by ourselves and by others.

I will be back next week, sharing my insights, learnings and challenges with you. Will you join me in this new paradigm leadership exploration?

much Love
Anna Caroline

p.s. Listen to my TruthCircle Podcast and participate in my free Leadership Training. Be prepared to be surprised!

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