Simply addicted to adrenalin

08 Jun 2016

This week feels crazy – I don’t find enough time for anybody or anything. Does this sound familiar?

Today I went to the hairdresser and was only 5 minutes late. But I had a call scheduled right after the hairdresser so I got quite nervous when she paused cutting my hair because we were in the middle of an engaged conversation.

She is never late and I asked her what her magic is. The simple answer is: “I schedule things for another day.” This logic has never crossed my mind. I always try to fit everything into my day and end up rushing from one to-do to the other.

What if I postponed my to-dos and planed an evening ice-cream stroll with a girl friend? I will try it out right away!

If my behavior sounds familiar to you, you should listen to my TruthCircle Podcast. I remind us to take it easy and calm down.

I am learning one step at a time. Join me…this is where the magic happens!

much Love
Anna Caroline

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