6 Dec 2016

I started the TruthCircle Podcast in January 2016 and promised myself to keep going until the end of 2017.

But today there were so many To Dos on my list, that I considered to cancel. Which would have been okay for everybody – except me.

While the pressure increased my mood went down, and my creativity refused to show up. The pressure made me question my promise. It started to loose it’s purpose. This is when I realized that a promise without purpose sucks.


In todays TruthCircle Podcast I speak about the nature of promises. Promises with partners, friends, colleagues, and ourselves… They all have one thing in common: Promises connected with our heart’s desire give courage and energy. But promises made only by our minds can easily become a burden.

I invite you to listen to my TruthCircle Podcast, where I share about creepy and beautiful promises, conscious and unconscious promises. Are you ready for some reflection time?

much Love
Anna Caroline

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