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11 July 2017

A treadmill is not a carrier ladder and a personal crisis is not a punishment from the universe. Life confronts us with conflicts and challenges again and again. But often our way of thinking doesn’t change accordingly. Truth is, that challenges are there to challenge our way of thinking – an invitation to grow beyond our current thought patterns. Most of the time often we reject these invitations – out of fear or stress – which leads to more challenges.

When history repeats itself, we get frustrated. In the face of similar conflicts or challenges we lose creativity and drive to solve them. (This was why we ignored them in the first place, right?)

How to escape this treadmill? 

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I share the parable of the elephant and it’s rider, who both wanted to walk in different directions and got quite frustrated with each other. Listen to the Podcast and find out if you are the rider yourself.

From Frustration to Momentum – How is that possible?

It’s easy: All you need is a new way of thinking, a new perspective and understanding of the universal truth of life. Why are you here? What is your unique medicine?

To establish new thinking by oneself is difficult and sometimes even impossible. That’s why we need friends and mentors. They challenge our thought patterns, inspire us and  enable us to shift our perspective. Most of the time we are just one insight away from our breakthrough. 

Does this sound familiar? If so, please don’t waste your time thinking in the old ways. But connect with those who think in new ways.

Have you already checked out DARE TO LEAD my New Leadership Program?  It’s a powerful leadership initiation, that will ultimately help you to create a new way of thinking and leading your life.

Be part of it & share the invitation with others

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much Love
Anna Caroline

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