Inside & Outside

29 Mar 2017

Are you content with what you experience in your outside world AND what you are feeling inside? Sometimes we choose to focus primarily on our inside world or primarily on our outside achievements, but in order to take inspired actions we need to live in both worlds – inside and outside.

Denying our feelings will not work for long – sooner or later emotions built up and explode. But if you only mend your feelings and avoid taking action you are creating a mess, too. You need to pay attention to both worlds: inside & outside.


In today’s TruthCircle Podcast I speak about how to keep our lives healthy and balanced. Like breathing in and breathing out, day and night – balance is experienced when we tend to both worlds: our inside and our outside.

If you have a nagging feeling, it’s likely that lost sight of one of your worlds. It’s up to you to create balance.

If you want some help to get back into a balanced state, where you take inspired action, join GET READY TO STEP UP. In this 8 weeks live online coaching I give time for contemplation as well as concrete assignments for you. Write me an email today and find out more.

Don’t miss the opportunity for more inspired action in your life!

much Love
Anna Caroline

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