Get Ready to Step Up

Connect with your Medicine • Align with your Core • Lead with

What you get:

  • Inspiration and creativity boost
  • Personalized action plan
  • Clear & tangible goals for your business and daily life
  • Simple techniques and tools for focusing, planning and action taking
  • Reminders & support for personal growth
  • Easy and powerful homework
  • Emotional breakthroughs
  • Honest feedback and uplifting questions & principles
  • Peer-Group learning

For Emerging Individuals

This is a dynamic 8-weeks group online coaching program designed to end the emotional roller coaster that many individuals face.

  • Are you tired of getting overwhelmed by the number of ideas you have?
  • Are you frustrated that you don’t feel clear on where you are going?
  • Are you worried about never getting things done?
  • Are you ready to finally connect with your core, stand in your value and take action?

GET READY TO STEP UP doesn’t have to mean working even harder than you already are. It’s entirely possible to focus on what you have, who you are and what you love, living the life you desire and serving the world in a more powerful way.
But understanding & defining your purpose is the first step.

GET READY TO STEP UP is a holistic approach to self-leadership that combines insight with action. Derived from lessons learned in many years of personal development, the practical knowledge shared comes from years of consulting the Genuine Contact™ way and, from working with diverse groups worldwide. With this approach, individuals will experience a shift in how they view themselves and discover practical tools that can be implemented immediately to increase their self esteem and provide tangible results.

Working with Purpose matters.

Why Individuals and Entrepreneurs gain from GET READY TO STEP UP.
Why Working with Purpose matters?

Purpose is the core essence of every individual. Knowing your purpose allows you to be authentic and brave. Without being in touch with your purpose and understanding the bigger picture your passion and joy in life will not be fully experienced. If you can’t show up for yourself then it’s guaranteed to bring you a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety. On the other hand being connected with your purpose will gives you more clarity, focus and freedom. This creates an emotional breakthrough and empowers you to take bold actions.

Imagine knowing exactly what your next steps are. Imagine having the clarity to decide where to put your energy and take focused action. Imagine doing what is close to your own heart.

You cannot thrive on goal setting and to-do lists alone. It’s never the perfect plan that will win the game stepping up. In fact, people can take lots of actions and be super busy but never feel connected to their purpose.  Why is that? It’s because their personal relationship with themselves and their comfort level with standing  in their value  is not aligned with the vision of what they want to achieve.

Session 1 :
Connect with your Core

Connect with the transformation ahead

Discover your purpose and the purpose of your personal journey

Remember the potential of your life and work

Befriend your personal medicine

Session 2 :
Stand in your Value

Learn powerful leadership principles

Check in with your personal commitment

Be the author of your life

Love yourself for who you are

Acknowledge your personal journey

Session 3 :
Lead with Purpose

Stand in your truth

Know your values

Activate your power

Voice what you care for

Session 4 :
Connect with your Visionary

What do you see

Remove blockages & embrace the loss

Open up to new possibilities

Get excited

Session 5 :
Reach out to your Tribe

How can your environment support you

Where do you take risks

When do you lose energy

What partnerships can you build

How to reach out

Session 6 :
Calling for Transformation

Why structures and rituals

What is your structure

How do you support yourself

Simple tools to keep track

Tips and tricks to stay focused

Schedule & follow through

Session 7 :
Looking at the Whole

Stepping back to reflect

Looking at your strategies

Learning from others

Understanding patterns of change

Owning your decisions

Session 8 :
Closing Ceremony

Celebrating your medicine

Giving gratitude

Welcoming the new


Continuing the lifelong journey

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    Are you ready to Step Up?