I Grow – Oh No!

18 Oct 2016

I hope you had time for a good autumn walk already – did you see the leaves changing colors? Did you feel foggy and fresh air in your face?

Last weekend I facilitated my Autumn Workshop, where everybody received the medicine that this Autumn holds for them. Mine boils down to this:


I look happy on the picture, but soon after I started to feel quite resistent to the proclaimed growth. Growth starts with letting go of old things, getting still and going inward. All of those activities (or rather non-activities) are not very attractive to a action-oriented person like me.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast my mood is not very positive – and I share that with you. I share this because it has medicine for you. I name the resistance, I walk through it and you can come along. I am pretty sure you have your own areas, where you resist change. By joining my TruthCircle you can take the first step towards growth together with me. Let’s walk side by side. I meet you there.


much Love
Anna Caroline

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