Fresh Shit

13 Aug 2016

I am quite fascinated and amused by all the weird thoughts I have. This week I discovered some fresh shit: Deep down inside I believe that others don’t like me. CRAZY, right?! First I denied this thought, but later I realized how often I weave this thought into the story of my life.

Do you ever have life-depleting thoughts like: “I can’t do this.”, “This is for others.” or “It’s too difficult.”?

Honestly, I find it quite irritating that I carry those self-sabotaging believes. Imagine all the negative effects they can have … Undiscovered thoughts like “nobody likes me” can become a true blockage. Especially when you want to embark on something new. But although it’s embarrassing, it can be very powerful to put some light into our personal underworld. Yeah!

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I share embarrassing thoughts that I prefer not to have… As a surrogate for all of us I will dig into my own shitty thoughts – and invite you to join me. Don’t worry, it won’t stink – promised. But it will help you be more aware of your own sabotaging thoughts that are running your system without you even noticing.

If you are ready for some Fresh Shit in your life, I invite you to join my program GET READY TO STEP UP. I help you find and transform blocking believes and take the steps, that are overdue. You will learn tools and techniques to connect with your purpose and take a lead. The course is like a catalyst for your own leadership: Cleanse from the inside and focus on the outside. The perfect starter kit. GET READY TO STE UP – We are starting on the 7th of October.

It’s the last time I am offering this in 2016 and I have only three places left. Please contact me for more details. At the bottom of this page is a contact form.

It’s time for some FRESH SHIT!
Make it happen now.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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