Emotional Workout – What?!

27 Sep 2016


The Marathon was in Berlin. I was impressed by the dedication and commitment of the participants – running a marathon needs a lot of training!

I am not an ace when it comes to sports, but I am super commitment when it comes to my emotions, integrity and courage. I aim to connect with my truth, speak it, walk it. Frankly, there are moments when I would like to quit this emotional workout, but I have done it long enough to remember the benefits and endorphins that kick in after a challenging workout.


This has quite a lot in common with running a marathon: passion, training, body awareness, breathing, endorphins and a certain level of craziness.

Apropos, wouldn’t life be crazy if non of us was a little crazy?

I invite you to listen to my new TruthCircle Podcast. I hope it inspires you to start your emotional workout challenge today. Share the podcast with your friends or siblings and create a workout strategy together – it’s always easier to train in a group!

If you are looking for a training group I have two invitations for you. Simply send me a mail and I share all details with you.

On October 8th I am offering a five hour TruthCircle in Berlin.
On October 10th we start GET READY TO STEP UP  an eight week online group (I can take you on my waiting list if you like to join).

Are you ready for your
The time is now.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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