Create your TruthCircle

22 Jun 2016

Anybody (who dares to) can hold TruthCircles. I don’t have the rights reserved.

TruthCircles are moments (days or hours) of going inward while relating to your own environment. TruthCircles are mystical places, where you get gifted with insights – small and big one. Ones that hurt and the ones that fill you up with clarity and excitement.

TruthCircles are a time and space reality where you connect with your core and listen – allowing your inner voice to speak. A time when your ego mind is “shushed”.

In this TruthCircle Podcast I speak about the nature of TruthCirlces and why it’s so impactful to hold them for yourself.

Start today.

Create your own TruthCircle: Feel comfortable in your own confusion, connect with your purpose & feel good.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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