4th July 2017

What is happening in your life? Are you turning pages? An empty page, a blank canvas, a new project can be scary. But it’s also fascinating to experience how ideas, forms and shapes come into being and start becoming alive.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I point out how you can activate your courage and take more leadership in your own life. Listen to the Podcast here!

Maybe you have already put a lot of energy into your ideas, but several obstacles have slowed you down? Have you lost courage to keep going? What happened? What discouraged you? Do you remember? Is it time for a sustainable energy boost? In this case:

I am excited to announce my new program DARE TO LEAD. It’s a powerful leadership initiation program, that I am hosting this summer. Now is your time to join me.

DARE TO LEAD <<< Your Time Is Now

much Love
Anna Caroline

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