Am I Well?

22 Nov 2016

How are you today? Did you experience storms and earthquakes inside yourself in the last couple of days, too?

I felt challenged by all the different reallities that are present in my life right now. Visiting my grandparents always brings up lots of emotions, discussing life and politics does, too. On top of that, a couple of conflicts surfaced that had been dormant.

And at the same time I am heatlhy, reading a good book, meeting beautiful people, having heartfelt connections, enjoying the winter forest.

What a contrast !!!!


How to be with all that at the same time? Well, well, well.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I am speaking about an inner conflict: About the struggle to be present to all the different aspects in my life. The pain and the joy, the answers and the questions, the emotion and the logic.

Today you can meet me in this place of well, ….


much Love
Anna Caroline

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