What’s Next?

16 May 2017

I have been gone for a week, but now I am back and I am hungry for something new – how about you?

In the last couple of month I got a bit slow and parked my favourite ideas. Now they are nicely arranged on a shelf for display – while they are getting dusty and pale. I have moved my mind in well-known paths and I have thought my thoughts at least a 100.000 times already.

As a result I feel a bit worn out, sleepy and a tiny bit frustrated with myself. As if a veil has blurred my vision.


It might take balls and ovaries to step outside this blurry zone – but how much longer can I afford to wait? Until winter is back? Until I feel even more unhappy and paralyzed? No. Not me – and I suppose you neither.

In today’s TruthCircle Podcast I wake myself up, and invite you to come along. Let’s not wait for more time to pass. Let’s commit to remember what is next and take action. No more excuses.

If you like my assistance in figuring out what’s next, sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Together we will cut the cord of vagueness and give you a gentle push to rise above your current state of being.


much Love
Anna Caroline

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