Wake up my dear!

 6 Sep 2016

Holiday time is over, September is here, and the new cycle begins. What are you up to?  Are you rejuvenated and ready to tackle new ideas & projects?

I’m gratefully leaving the playful summer-land behind and look forward to the cool autumn breeze. Now is be a perfect time to beginn anew. I feel clear and focused. The cool light is waking me up and says: “It’s time. It’s time for the next step.”

This year has been quite adventurous for me. I began my weekly TruthCircle Podcast, lived in New York, launched my new website and already helped several hundred people to connect with their core and lead with purpose. But there is more to come.

Each season I invite a dedicated group of four people to my live Online Program GET READY TO STEP UP.

We are starting in October 7th. Please send me an email if you are interested to learn more about the “What & How’s”?


What do I mean by that? I know that all of us have a purpose, a unique medicine that only we can give. If you read this post I bet you have an idea what I mean by these rather nebulous words.

Once you wake up and remember your purpose it’s quite irresistible to deepen the relationship with yourself. Waking up to your purpose is the foundation to many fulfilling things: clear communication, real stamina and authentic leadership – just to name a few.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I dismantle the illusion that one day you will wake up and suddenly things are just different.

It’s quite the opposite I am afraid: One day you will wake up and ask “Why did I stay indifferent to my potential?” “Why did I close my eyes to the beautiful gifts I have?” “Why did I wait for someone to wake me up?”

You are the only one who can wake yourself up.

Wake up now!
Anna Caroline

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