So Many Feelings

14 Mar 2017

“What if something bad happens? What if I am not good enough?” These and other questions can really kill your drive.

Suddenly they sneak around the corner and get you from behind. You feel a cold shiver running down your back and the ground starts shaking… What was colorful and bright before, becomes grey and scary at once.

In moments of fear I eat chocolate en mass, but it doesn’t always provide the cure I wish for. What is your coping mechanism?


In German we call it a ‘hot and cold bath of emotions’. What to do? One strategy is to close your eyes and start feeling what comes up. Another strategy is to keep your eyes open and run. Both strategies have there time and place.

Unfortunately the cold winds start, when we are getting ready for something new and exciting. I don’t understand the concept 100%, but I have quite some experience with the principle.

In today’s TruthCircle Podcast I speak about the temptation to give up hope rather than to disarm the fears.

If you are ready to disarm your fears, I invite you to my upcoming TruthCircle Workshop.

SPRING UP – Personal Leadership Workshop
26th March, Berlin – more information on Facebook.
I would love to meet you there!

much Love
Anna Caroline

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