Searching or Finding – that is the Question

30 Aug 2016

Have you noticed that we are always searching? Google & Co. are all search engines and so is our mind – constantly searching: for the right partner, the best business approach, the perfect outfit.

This week I was searching for the subject of my TruthCircle and I got quite nervous. Would I be able to find something meaningful and appropriate, would I be able to share something that moves me and you & feels alive?

So I did my little ritual and went to a tree that I quite like, with the hope for clarity and inspiration. As always she didn’t disappoints me. Here is what I found:

While I was sitting under the tree I suddenly remembered what I had learned before. You can shift your entire Operating System from Searching to Finding and you will feel the results immediately. It really is quite amazing.


In todays TruthCircle Podcast I show you how you can shift from Searching to Finding and feel ease in no time. Experience what a huge impact this subtle shift can make.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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