No Compromise

23 May 2017

I made it! I made it through my awful darkness, a desert of fear and an ocean of anxiety. I made it through! Wooha!

Even though I have walked many deserts of fear and crossed several oceans of anxiety it’s always just as scary – each time I fear for my life and doubt that I will survive.


But now I am out at the other end, rising and taking a deep breath. I feel different, more free and even stronger than before. This time I walked side by side with my fears I did not run away. When I hit  bottom I stopped doing everything and paused. And I started to listen. After a while a beautiful melody started to rise. By the end of this magic encounter I felt profoundly touched and fulfilled.

When I slow my mind and listen with my whole body, I witness a song of wisdom that is always present. It is eternal, powerful and loving – without compromise.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I share what this melody brought forward. It’s a universal truth, that is beneficial to hear, so come over and listen. To believe that your life is a coincidence is a great mistake – remember your gift and create a beautiful life for yourself and those around you.


much Love
Anna Caroline

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