Love Your Inner Child

1 Nov 2016

There is a lot of absurd advice in the self-help industry and some of it is quite outside my comfort zone. Whenever someone mentioned my inner child, I felt quite uneasy.

Working with the Medicine Wheel Tool I got introduced to the concept of the wounded child once again. We all have issues or areas in our lives, that threaten us – suddenly our warrior energy disapears and we act like a wounded child…

Which area of your life makes you throw temper tantrums? What kind of parent voice do you have (in your head) when your inner child freaks out? Do you get rigid, harsh, or sharp with yourself?


In todays TruthCircle Podcast I invite you to some out of the comfort zone activites. I invite you to stop analysing your problems, but instead cradle them, sing them a lullaby, or bless them.

By now you know that listing to my TruthCircle has in itself some medicine – if you can lower your heartbeat and listen to the whole TruthCircle you will already feel much more relaxed and centered. A great first step to love your inner child.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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