I forgive myself

07 Feb 2017

Yesterday, in my Online Circle Get Ready To Step Up, we reflect our relationship with money, our body, and health. We found that some relationships are less balanced than others. And as a result we feel more or less empowered in general.

What feelings do you have towards your family, your job, your love-life, your health, your body, your future? Are there memories that make you bitter till this day? Where do you tighten up?

Stepping out of deadlocked patterns takes courage. But it’s not enough to simply proclaim a new beginning. Our feelings (or numbness) towards a certain area of our life are rooted in an experience or a story. It’s our job to compost and transform those, in order to create lasting change. What is the best support in that process?! It starts with forgiveness.


Forgiving is the first step towards more joy and inner peace. Honestly, I don’t find it particularly easy. It often feels fake or like a waist of time. But I see the benefits: Forgiving poor choices I (or others) have made in the past, empowers me  to step up and lead a positive chain of transformation.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I share my personal struggle with forgiving myself and the biggest insight, that helped me to wholeheartedly do it.

Wow, what a relaxation!


much Love
Anna Caroline

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