How your wounds hurt others

14 Feb 2017

After last week’s insight about the principle: “I forgive myself” I found myself confronted with new big learning opportunities. I faced exactly the same problem – just from another angle. Last week was really exhausting! Did you experience the same?

I lost my temper several times, ended up fighting, biting, and being ugly with others, without knowing what was really going on. I simply lost it. But why?

With some distance I realized that I was completely out of balance. Old wounds (which were self-inflicted) were triggered by others and BAM I exploded in their faces. Do you know those moments? In those moments I feel how I am turning into a dragon: suddenly I am spitting fire and the other person has to find a safe place to hide.


“It is okay to blow up, if I feel mistreated. It’s just fair if others experience how much they hurt me.” This is what I think in “BAM-moments”. Now I realize that it couldn’t be further from the truth.
Does this sound illogical? I promise by listening to my TruthCircle Podcast it will ring a bell for you, too.

Let me say this much: Our wounds send an alarm signal each time someone comes too close. A sudden deep pain rushes through our system and kick-starts an autopilot self-defense mechanism and we start spitting fire. In my TruthCircle Podcast I will explain the mechanism with more detail.

You are invited to listen to my TruthCircle Podcast and learn more.

The good news is: reflecting supports your enlightenment. It’s worth it, really!

Learn more & start to transform.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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