Happy End – my biggest illusion ever?

13 Dec 2016

What is your favourite story, your favourite literary genre – action, romance, comedy, or drama?

Right now I am reading the last couple of pages of an adventure novel, and I am super curious how the book will end. I always hope for a happy end.


Fortunately my life has gifted me with quite a lot of positive surprises, which foster my believe in happy ends till this day: The fall of the Berlin Wall. A crowd-funding that brought me to the USA. A call that changed my life. Just to name a few.

But there are times, when it’s hard to imagine a happy end is possible. When everything feels cold and dark and one feels disempowered to the max.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I speak about romance, reality and illusion. I am quite a firm “happy end believer”, even if it’s not always easy. But there are a couple of tricks that I will share with you. I truly believe that a “happy end mindset” pays off. But this might also be one of my biggest illusions. Let’s see!

much Love
Anna Caroline

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