Fear as a Tool

20 Dec 2016

this is my last mail before the holidays and I have a lot to say about what is happening in the news and lives of people right now, but how do I do that in a TruthCircle way?!

What I notice is how fear is becoming such a driving force and I truly dislike it. I decided not to click the “I AM SAFE” note on facebook last night, because I didn’t even want to step into this fear machinery. But because so many loving friends reached out, I wanted to communicate and I did.


I have dedicated my life to contributing to peace and harmony in the world and responding to fear and anxiety is therefore one of the most important capacities I have to grow. But love, trust and life cannot be fought for with the tools of fear, it’s an inner button to switch and it takes courage and clarity.

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I want to share a few life-changing events that trained me to let go of fear and master the tools of love and trust instead.

I truly believe that this is my medicine to be a light in the world and light the hearts of others, so that together we can out bamboozle the tools of fear.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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