Conscious Transformation – Do you know what I mean?

5 Oct  2016

Seasonal transitions raise deeper questions of transition – certainly it has for me.  I spent a day with my grandparents and their garden, which in more ways than I expected is entering “autumn”.

Given the advanced age of my grandparents, their garden was in need of a thorough cleaning.  Indeed they have reached the age when taking care of the garden chores has become too burdensome and they want to sell their garden.  As I was harvesting apples, turning the compost piles and cleaning the weeds out, the day passed quickly.

I could have sat together with my grandparents on our garden bench and shared stories or made some small symbolic good bye ritual for their beautiful garden but we played it “safe”  not wise!

While it may feel safer to lock out the past, to always look ahead and not go through an emotional roller coaster, the loss of the possibility of opening your heart may keep you shallow and feeling unsatisfied.  I admit this is not easy to do!


While our outer circumstances constantly change – like the seasons – we should not forget to support the transitions inside, too.  Before the end of an important transition ask yourself have you left unprocessed stories from the past that may hinder you?  I knew that the autumnal end of my grandparents garden was more than just another harvest – I wondered – have my grandparents celebrated the past and shared their fears and hopes for the future with one other?

Whether you moved your house, changed your job, or started a new relationship – it makes sense to create some kind of ritual to honor the past and welcome the future.

Now in todays TruthCircIe I share simple exercises to initiate conscious transitions in your life.


much Love
Anna Caroline

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