Warrior Energy Needed

25 Oct 2016

I need warrior energy this week: Strength, Courage and Clarity.

My mind is running fast, trying to solve the problems of the world. I am afraid of drowning in my frustration about inharmonic political situations in the world, topped with my feeling of powerlessness.

I connect with the archetype of the warrior, I am wondering how I would I look and act if I was one? Would I be gentle, or fierce, or both?

In todays TruthCircle Podcast I offer reminders to be like a warrior – a peaceful warrior – aligned with your medicine and calling.

If you are feeling tensions or stress join me. This is an invitation to reclaim your personal harmony despite any fear and confusion. Cultivating harmony is an essential step towards cultivating the warrior inside.

If you want change, become a peaceful warrior. I remind you how.

much Love
Anna Caroline

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