Witness Required

25 July 2017

Do you know the exquisite feeling when you feel seen? Can you feel the pulse of life vibrating in your body when you feel safe and heard? Then you most probably also know the internal struggle and stress when you feel misunderstood or ignored, right?

It comes automatic – when we feel misunderstood, we tighten up and start to defend ourselves. There are many ways to protect us. We freeze or explode, we disappear or attack. Whatever our strategy is, it has a side effect: A part of us disconnects from our core, hides our true self, shuts down. Once the defense  time is over we need to reconnect to ourselves to become whole again.

Fortunately our self-healing-powers are strong, yet they need time and space to have the effect we need. And that’s why having witnesses is required. They are invaluable when it comes to reconnecting with your purpose and unique medicine. Do you have mentors or witnesses that help you to cleanse, heal and evolve?

Imagine there are people, who have no one they can trust – how lonely, how sad.


In todays TruthCircle Podcast I share my experience and insights about why it’s so powerful to be witnessed. Having a witness empowers you to lead your live with authenticity, joy and vitality. It empowers you to create value with your life.

Do you have the right witnesses in your life? Do they have the capacity to support you in the way you need it right now? In what areas of you life are you missing a witness?

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DARE TO LEAD is my invitation to you, to be witnessed & supported. Participating empowers you to accomplish your (project)ideas faster then by yourself.

This month I am offering free Discovery Sessions to help you see how I can support you best.


much Love
Anna Caroline

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