Learning to work with Open Space Technology // Sep 2019 // Netherlands

Open Space Technology is a powerful tool to work with complexity, diversity, urgency or conflict.
I highly recommend this training as an approach for leadership development, too!

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to use this superior collaboration method in a small group setting, taught by 3 highly experienced Open Space practitioners.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a meeting methodology that harnesses the collective
wisdom of the group, team or organization to address concrete business issues, find answers to complex problems, and nurture leadership in times of change. Using the potential of the whole group, whether 5 or 500+ people, OST has the capacity to bring together (large) groups of people around topics that are deeply important to them and thus prone to misunderstanding. OST has proven long term effects in problem solving among groups and improving how people work together. Working repeatedly with Open Space Technology has the capacity to transform organizations.

Developed in the mid-eighties by Harrison Owen, a leading organizational culture and
transformation expert, this powerful and surprising meeting methodology is now used around the world as an effective process for facilitating change in both organizational and community settings.

This training is designed to provide you with the skills, tools and attitudes for working successfully with OST, using the perspective of the Genuine Contact™  approach,  focusing on creating a strong container for preparation and follow-up, in addition to the meeting itself.

This workshop is part of the Advanced Facilitation Skills series of the Genuine Contact™ Program. 

Open Space Technology is used to solve concrete business issues and urgent, complex problems in corporate, education, community, NGO and other settings. This workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to learn about solving complex problems in a new and powerful way that delivers effective results
  • Want to learn how to create a working environment that develops trust and builds relationships even in difficult times.
  • Want to learn how to use the difficulties that you may face in your organization as a catalyst for growth and finding unseen solutions.
  • Are interested in engaging people you work with so that they all can develop their own leadership potential into the organization for the benefit of the whole.
  • Want to help your organization find ways to get into action and find next steps for complex problems you face.

OST has been used for example, in:

  • product development
  • strategy definition & development
  • community building
  • educational practice

Open Space is typically used by people working in roles such as:

  • Organizational development and transition consultants
  • Innovation managers
  • Strategy consultants
  • Project and Program managers
  • Community engagement roles

Three highly accomplished and experienced OST facilitators and trainers from Europe and the US, Thomas Herrmann (Sweden), Anna Caroline Türk (Germany) and Doris Gottlieb (US/The Netherlands), are joining forces to offer this training. They have helped organizations such as Volvo, Etsy, World Wildlife Fund, Dropbox, City of Gotenburg, Stena Line and the Karolinska Institute, in learning and applying the Open Space Technology method.

Doris, Thomas and Anna Caroline all have many years experience not only working with OST, but also teaching and practicing the complete Genuine Contact™ Program for developing cultures of leadership as a path to organizational success, which includes OST.

Working together, they each bring their own specific strengths, expertise and practical insights, to give you a varied experience and learning in OST. They will offer their different perspectives to you as a way to give you maximum freedom and choice as you develop your practice. Their combined experience in OST spans multiple fields, age groups, cultures and languages.  They are able to work in Dutch, English, Swedish, German and Spanish.

In this 3 day practical course you will learn the craft of Open Space facilitation not only by experiencing the method, but by learning all aspects of how to use Open Space Technology effectively. In this experiential training you will:

  • Explore what you need to develop within yourself to be able facilitate this sort of highly dynamic sort of meeting.
  • Develop knowledge of how to work with your clients, to support them in making the best decision for their organization, and about how, when and in what ways to use OST.
  • Learn how, after the event, to help people involved, anchor and make use of their knowledge so that the relationships and trust built through the process continues to grow after the event.
  • Experience an OST meeting during the training and reflect upon it afterwards to develop your own personal inner map of how you as a unique individual can develop your facilitation skills to enhance maximum freedom and choice for your clients or in your organization.

Join us!

Places are limited with a maximum capacity of 15 participants.

The language of the workshop will be English however Dutch, Swedish and German and Spanish can also be used.


3rd-5th September 2019 and half-day follow-up online February 2020


Landgoed de Horst – Driebergen, The Netherlands

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